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Our Services

Here at Body/Mind Balanced Wellbeing, we address your health concerns through the connections between the body, mind and nervous system. You'll receive personalized treatments and complementary therapies designed to create powerful results and optimal wellness.


• Gentle Chiropractic Adjustments—Using a functional/neurological approach, we address the spine, joints and nerves to ease regulation of the nervous system.

• Orthotics—Improve your gait with custom-made shoe inserts.

Stress Reduction​

QNRT™ —Quantum Neuro Reset Therapy resets how emotional events are filed in your brain to help eliminate old, unwanted patterns of thinking and fortify the connection between the body and mind for faster relief.

• Neurotherapy/Neurofeedback—Retrain the brain with new, positive reinforcement, including neurofeedback through light, sound and tactile sensory. Watch for more info about this service.



Enhance the energy flow throughout the nervous system with these recharging techniques.

• Brain-Balance Wellness—Therapy supports the balance and integrity of the immune, endocrine and neurological systems.

PEMF—Pulsed Electro Magnetic Frequency gives your cells a health workout to promote circulation and nervous system function.

• Cold Laser Therapy—Enhance healing and reduce inflammation through pain-free treatment.


• LRA™—See the benefits of Laser Reflex Analysis technology and how it blends with our unique profiles to support your nutritional health.

• Functional Health Evaluation—A thorough genetic evaluation will help you connect the dots with your health patterns.

7 Interferences
7 Interferences

Chiropractic care counteracts the stress of things that interfere with proper neurological function, including emotion, allergies, nutrition, electrical pollution, structure, genetics and toxins.

“It used to be dogma that the brain was shut away from the actions of the immune system, shielded from the outside forces of nature. But that is not how it works at all. It turns out that the brain talks directly to the immune system, sending commands that control the body's inflammatory response to infection and autoimmune diseases.”

-Medical News Today

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