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Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy

How can PEMF therapy help you?

There’s one way to find out—schedule a session.

What do you feel that brings you to this page? Pain? Tiredness? PEMF therapy is ideally suited to relieve your body’s cry for help. PEMF therapy helps recharge your cells so you are optimized to take in nutrients, get rid of waste and function well.


Walking barefoot on the beach is one way many people love to recharge. The reason it’s so refreshing is that saltwater conducts energy so well, increasing the energy transfer from earth to water to body. Our bodies like to be in contact with the earth’s magnetic field.


While the earth’s electromagnetic field is safe and beneficial for humans, the modern technology produces extreme fields that bombard us with potentially harmful energy. Mobile, wireless and Bluetooth signals swirl all around us, and we’re never far from our computer or smart phone screens. These artificial energies all take a toll on the energy in our cells.

Think of your cells like tiny rechargeable batteries, capable of holding only so much energy. Like batteries, they require recharging in order to continue to function. Due to inflammation, injuries, scar tissue, toxicity or poor nutrition, the life gets drained from your cells. Without the proper care, they may not generate or maintain enough charge to keep you going.


Every one of your cells needs to hold a charge. Get your energy back, heal, and provide cells with the care they need to function their best. Let every cell thrive through PEMF therapy.

Did you know?

The FDA approved PEMF in 1979 for bone loss, and it was used to support our astronauts when they returned to earth. Additional approvals occurred in 1987 for edema and pain following surgery. Spinal surgery recovery was added to the approved list in 2004. PEMF was approved for use for depression in 2011.


Pulse Therapy Session Options

1-hour sessions

1 session: $85

5 sessions: $399 (save $26)

10 sessions: $799 (save $51)

20 sessions: $1,400 (save $300)

30 sessions: $1,800 (save $750)

What People are Saying About PEMF Therapy for Healing 

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