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About Dr. Michael Goad

It is my firm belief that doctors do not fix patients—patients fix patients. My mission is to help you realize that you can overcome dis-ease, illness, and pain and get on with your life.  


For more than 25 years, I have continued working and studying to help my clients find the source of their suffering and bring balance to their lives. The structural, chemical, and emotional body requires homeostasis/balance to find true health and wellbeing.


After a bulging disc and chronic fatigue ended my Division I athletics activities, I was introduced to the Art, Science, and Philosophy of Chiropractic. I myself healed and became inspired to help others that were hurting both on the inside and out, like me. 


By understanding, educating, and encouraging my clients, I’ve now helped many people experience the “Wow” that they never knew could happen right inside them. It’s rewarding to see so many reconnect to their health and wellbeing from the inside out.

Health comes from within. Whether or not you have obvious discomfort or dis-ease, I am committed to helping you reveal better wellbeing.


Michael Goad, DC, CCEP
Board Certified Master QNRT

Member, Council on Extremity Adjusting

Our Philosophy

Hundreds of people just like you have received support from our unique approach to care. We help get you through the tough times so you can overcome aches and pains and pursue life with a fresh outlook. Join us in achieving greater balance in your body, mind, and overall wellbeing.

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