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Patient Success Story: Learning How to Heal through QNRT

Here at Body/Mind Balanced Wellbeing in Cedar Rapids, we care about each patient’s health and work to create a custom plan to activate healing in the mind and body. Many outside influences can affect your health, and we help you restore your balanced wellbeing from within. All of our services are non-invasive and drug-free, including QNRT™, which stands for Quantum Neuro Reset Therapy. QNRT was an instrumental tool in helping Dawn overcome intense headaches, grief, skin issues, and shoulder pain. Here is what Dawn wrote about the care she received from Dr. Goad, a Board Certified Master QNRT practitioner.

QNRT for headaches
Stop Headaches and More with QNRT

“YOU DID THAT”… What started out as a recommendation to three of my closest friends and family turned in to an appointment with Dr. Goad that changed the way I saw the power of my own personal healing.

Between headaches, eczema, and grief, the last straw to my pain was my shoulder injury which had been giving me trouble for about a year. My traditional chiropractor recommended getting an MRI, and this was not something I wanted to have done. I made an appointment with Dr. Goad, and I’m so glad I did. Dr. Goad made the pain go away without physical touch – it was incredible! The connection between the mind and body is something that is incredibly apparent in his practice. I am learning how the mind is controlling the body in ways we don’t even realize.

Once you start to understand this, it’s amazing what you can do to help your body heal! There are many techniques and methods of therapies he uses, but I always look forward to my QNRT sessions the most. If you haven’t heard of this unique therapy before, it would best be described as therapy without all of the talk. An approach to the mind, body, soul connection like no other. I find it so interesting how different parts of the body are connected to emotions and I learn something new in each QNRT session.

During one of my first appointments, Dr. Goad stated I don’t need to keep placing the blame on myself, I don’t need to be critical of myself, and I don’t need to hold on to the things that no longer serve me. If you’re like me, you’re probably wondering why we would even want to hold on to those things, anyway. But through his explanations I’ve learned that our nervous system doesn’t always know how to do it, and the way we are wired just holds on to certain stories we keep telling ourselves.

I would recommend Dr. Goad to everyone! Truly a miracle worker, although I’m now learning the real miracle is learning how to heal myself.

Thank you for helping me on my healing journey!

-Dawn, Iowa

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